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ICO overview

The FYP Tokens will be available in two separate rounds divided in phases, the Pre-Sale and the ICO. FYP Token Pre-Sale and ICO Contributors must acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms.

Presale Phase I

10th July 2017 (15.00 UTC), +21% bonus, 1 ETH = 4840 FYP

Presale Phase II

21st July 2017 (15.00 UTC), +15% bonus, 1 ETH = 4600 FYP

Presale Phase III

6th September 2017 (15.00 UTC), +12.5% bonus, 1 ETH = 4500 FYP

ICO begins

28th September 2017 (15.00 UTC)
+10% bonus before Soft-Cap, 1 ETH = 4400 FYP
+5% bonus before Hidden-Hard-Cap, 1 ETH = 4200 FYP

ICO ends

21st October 2017 (15.00 UTC)

If Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end 3 (three) hours after the Hidden-Hard-Cap threshold is reached. The exact time for beginning and closing of the ICO period, as for the time of the countdown closing, will be determined in blocks' numbers of the Ethereum Blockchain. The exact block number for start and end of the ICO will be communicated before the ICO commences. The three-hours countdown when the Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached is counted in 700 blocks.

Soft-Cap is 15000 ETH

Hidden-Hard-Cap will be revealed as soon as it will be reached and will trigger the 3 (three) hours countdown that will definitely end the ICO.

Currencies accepted:


What is Flypme?

Flypme is the fastest and most private crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesn't require any registration. The only info needed to use the exchange is the user's crypto address so that Flypme has the correct input and output. Only minimal trust is needed since Flypme doesn't hold users' funds nor the private key.

In line with its mission and value proposition, Flypme has built-in profits sharing mechanisms, adoption-based rewards, permissionless API and participatory policy-making including proposing new feature and voting for key decisions.

When will I be able to use the Flypme crypto-to-crypto exchange?

The exchange is available immediately.

Why are you doing an ICO if your exchange is already working?

The exchange is already working but the limits are currently low. Flypme keeps a reserve of each cryptocurrency supported by the exchange. That is what allow Flypme to change crypto to crypto so quickly. One of the reasons for the ICO is to increase the reserved funds of each cryptocurrency supported, so to be able to increase the limits.

Additionally, the funds raised will be used across Engineering, R&D; for 2nd layer solutions, Legal Services, Communications & Marketing, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships.

How can I contribute to the Presale and ICO? What are the currencies accepted?

You can contribute on the homepage at with BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, FAIR, GAME, DCR, ZEC, SYS, PPC, BLK, GRC.

Make sure you use an Ethereum address of which you own the private key. Do not use another exchange wallet address.

Is there a tutorial on how to participate and contribute?

We have published the tutorial for the Presale at

Do I need to register for the Presale and ICO?

No. You do not need any registration. You do not need any email address. is accountless and private.

You just need to enter your own ETH address where you would like to receive the corresponding FYP Tokens. Your Ethereum address must be one of which you own and control the private key.

Which are the recommended Ethereum wallets?

The recommended Ethereum wallets that allow you to have full control and ownership of your private keys and as such are suitable for receiving and managing FYP Tokens are:

Please note that the HolyTransaction wallet already integrates support for FYP Tokens. During the Presale you can also get FYP tokens from within your HolyTransaction account.

How can I join the discussion or contact the team?

You are welcome to join the discussion on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

You can contact the team at

Bitcointalk Announcement is available on the Forum

What are FYP Tokens?

FYP Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens. Each and every FYP Token is divisible, equal to each other and has exactly the same qualities, properties, and characteristics. After the ICO period will end, no additional FYP Tokens will be created.

Each FYP Token will equally participate in the profits generated by the's exchange fees. Holding FYP tokens will enable the Contributor to also participate in the policy-making of Flypme including proposing and voting for new features. More benefits will be disclosed at a later stage.

What's FYP Tokens' cap?

It will vary depending on the contributions made during the Presale and ICO and the ratio applied for the creation of FYP Tokens. Please read the Terms of Token Sale for more details. After the ICO period ends, no additional FYP Token will be created.

Which exchanges will the FYP Tokens be available on?

The FYP Token will be available to trade on Flypme and other exchanges from the day the tokens are distributed. If you would like to trade FYP on your favorite exchange, we recommend you get in touch with them to let them know. Social media and emails go a long way. We will support and assist exchanges which contact us.

When are the FYP Tokens distributed?

Following the ICO, FYP Tokens will be distributed to the Contributors.

How much of the net profits will be distributed to the token owners?

50% of the net profits will be distributed to FYP Token owners in proportion to their ownership of tokens. All costs incurred in running Flypme will be covered by the funds raised during the Presale and ICO. Therefore, until Presale and ICO funds have been used, the net profits will be equal to revenue.

Why is Flypme willing to share 50% of the profits?

We believe that by providing 50% of the profits generated by as well as distributed policy-making and other benefits to token owners, Flypme can help rebalance the power between crypto holders and the crypto exchange business. We have long been committed to supporting the crypto community and opposing centralization by the few powerful players who are increasingly pushing their own agenda.

Additionally, 50% profit sharing is an incentive for token owners to use the exchange as owning tokens in conjunction with using the exchange will effectively reduce their exchange rate.

How often will you distribute the profits?

Flypme will distribute the profits every three months (aka payout) after the end of the ICO. Following the first two payouts, the timing of the payout will be voted by the token owners in line with our commitment to participatory policy-making.

How will you distribute the profits?

An Ethereum-based Smart Contract is designed to distribute them to your FYP Token address.

Will the payout be distributed in ETH?

The payout will be distributed by default in the form of ETH. However, token owners will be able to request payouts in other cryptos supported by Flypme by signing a message with their FYP Token holding key.

Will you reward users of the exchange?

Yes, a portion of FYP Tokens owned by the team at Flypme will be distributed to all daily users of the exchange to increase adoption of the exchange.

How many FYP Tokens will I receive when I use the exchange?

Allocation of FYP Tokens per address will be proportional to the volume transacted by the individual address.

Are there any other rewards for users?

We are looking into more rewards for active members of this growing community. We will announce them in due course.

Who will be able to propose new features?

Anyone holding FYP Tokens will be able to propose new features.

What will happen once a new feature is proposed?

There will be a set time frame to upvote any given proposal following which the most upvoted proposals will be evaluated by the Flypme team before commencing a formal voting phase.

Who will be able to vote for key decisions?

FYP Tokens owners with a certain amount of tokens will be able to vote for key decisions.

How will proposing new features and voting for key decisions work?

We will build an Ethereum-based Smart Contract following the ICO and will crowdsource ideas from the community to deliver the best possible experience.

What are Flypme's business priorities?

Flypme will focus on building a strong and committed community to help the growth of Flypme's user base and increase exchanged volumes. High growth will be further boosted by a number of strategic partnerships enabled by Flypme's permissionless API.

What are Flypme's development priorities?

Flypme will prioritize R&D; in the latest technology improvements with a focus on new cryptocurrency and token pairs, additional API modules, decentralized asset platforms, 2nd layer solutions for cryptocurrency networks to allow transactions to be securely routed across multiple peer-to-peer networks and atomic exchanges. These improvements will ultimately increase efficiencies and cut costs.

What are Flypme's next steps?

Flypme will be constantly developed, upgraded and expanded. Code reviews and security audits will be continuously and periodically done to ensure the highest level of security, efficiency and stability.
The next steps are:

Please note that additional details and updates on Flypme will be released in the coming weeks.

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