Accountless Crypto Exchanger.

Simple, Fast and Private. No registration. is developed by HolyTransaction,
the first multicurrency web wallet since 2014.



0.000 BTC

24h Volume


24h Transactions


No registration, no email, no account:
only your crypto address.


Instantly exchange 30+ cryptocurrencies
straight to your wallet.


You are always in control of your funds
and information. We don’t track you.

Profit Sharing

FYP Token holders get
50% of the profits.

Open API

Integrate exchanger
on your site or platform.

The only instant Exchange
by the community for the community.

50% Profit Sharing

FYP token holders receive 50% of the
profit generated by the exchanger.

Collaborative Governance

Join us to propose new features or coin additions and vote for key decisions.

Get FYP token now

The accountless exchanger and the FYP Token were born to protect
privacy, promote decentralisation, support grassroot ownership and foster
a community believing in consensus.

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